What to Expect

How to Dress?

Some people dress up to go to church; others dress casually. Most people in our church dress in a "smart/nice casual" manner. Feel free to dress as you feel most comfortable.

Length of Service?

Our service begins at 10am and is usually done by 11:45am.

Type of Messages?

We strive to have sermons that are biblically based with an emphasis on what God has done in Jesus Christ. Even if you do not agree with the message, you will probably find most of the sermons to be thought provoking, engaging, and even challenging.

Children's programs?

While we encourage our children to participate in the service as much as possible, we offer nursery for our infants during the service and childcare for those under 6 during the sermon.

I'm not a Christian?

We hope to be a safe place for people to visit and check things out without any obligation.

Moral Qualifications? Will I feel out of place if I haven't lived a very moral life?

God's message of grace is for morally flawed people like us: broken, imperfect, and loved beyond our understanding. We do not show up because we are good; we show up because we need Jesus.

Burned out by organized religion?

We are not promoting a religion, something we do; we are promoting the gospel (which means "the good news" about what God has done and is doing). Religion makes nice people; the gospel makes new people. Religion reforms you on the outside; the gospel transforms you from inside out.