The elders regularly pray for the needs of our congregation. You may note your request on the tear-off section on the back of the bulletin on Sunday morning and place it in the offering or email the church office. Please note whether you would like your request passed on to the Elders only or the Elders and the prayer team.

Our prayer team meets in the children's area at 9:15AM on Sundays. We pray for all aspects of the worship service, various ministries, outreach opportunities, and other requests. All are welcome!

For Our Church

Pray for our Sunday Services

  • that we would worship
  • that God would meet us
  • that God would change us
  • for our music
  • for our sermons
  • for our newcomers
  • for our seekers

Pray for our community

  • those who feel lonely
  • those in grief
  • those in transition
  • those with young families
  • those who are aging
  • deeper relationships amongst all

Pray for our leaders

  • elders
  • diaconate
  • their families
  • our administrator
  • our pastors

For our City

  • the overall level of civility
  • family health
  • race and class relationships
  • cultural work being produced
  • unemployment
  • the homeless
  • our universities

For The World

  • Sam Ling – Asia
  • Buck Butler - Egypt
  • Jan F. – 10/40 Window
  • Kim A. – 10/40 Window
  • Allen P. – 10/40 Window
  • Jim Wroughton – Peru
  • Joy Candee – Mission to the World
  • Doug and Masha Shepherd – Ukraine
  • Gospel through Columbia – Latin America
  • Samaritan Medical Clinic – 10/40 Window
  • The Hollanders --Missionary Aviation Fellowship – Indonesia