Why Membership?

The New Testament scriptures are saturated with examples and stories of people committing to and identifying with particular local churches (1Cor 14:23, 6:4; Acts 5:13; Phil 1:1; Rom 16:1; 16:3–4; Rev 3:4). Today, we call this membership. To be a member of a church is to make a public promise to live according to God's Word and to support the work of that local church. The church community also promises to support and care for members. In the Bible this is called a covenant; an agreement in which both parties make commitments to one another.

Membership in a church is not like membership in a social club or other organizations. In most organizations, members are consumers and the organization exists to serve them. The Church is completely different: membership means service. At Christ Presbyterian, we are committed to being a church not for ourselves, but for others. Therefore we encourage all those who call Christ Presbyterian their home to become members and commit to sharing God's love and care through giving their time and resources.


Membership Process

Step One:

Complete the Connect Class. The class is offered a couple of times a year and includes two sessions, typically taking place on Saturdays. The class in no way obligates you to become a member, but it is required if you are pursuing membership.

Step Two:

Fill out a Membership Application online, or request one to fill out from the Ministries Assistant and return it in person. You will be contacted to schedule a Membership Interview.

Step Three:

You will meet with one or two members of the church leadership for a 15–30 minute conversation. During this time, we hope to get to know you better and hear what God has done to bring you to Christ Presbyterian Church. This meeting also provides you with an opportunity to meet some of our leadership and ask any lingering questions.

Step Four:

Make public promises. When you become a member, you make promises to the church community. The connect class will help explain the meaning of these promises. The final step is taking these vows during a Sunday service:

  1. Do you acknowledge yourselves to be sinners in the sight of God, justly deserving his displeasure, and without hope save in his sovereign mercy?
  2. Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and Savior of sinners, and do you receive and rest upon him alone for salvation as he is offered in the Gospel?
  3. Do you now resolve and promise, in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit, that you will endeavor to live as becomes the followers of Christ?
  4. Do you promise to support the Church in its worship and work to the best of your ability?
  5. Do you submit yourselves to the government and discipline of the Church, and promise to study its purity and peace?

If you have questions about the membership process, please contact us.