God's Gospel

We believe that the gospel, the good news about Jesus' saving life, death, resurrection, ascension and present reign, is an explosive power that can transform any person, community, institution or place.

God's Mission

We believe that God is personal, purposeful, and active. In other words, God is on a mission. The essence of God’s mission, in the words of Christopher Wright, is “to extend his reign through the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

God's Creation

We believe that God created a very good world (Gen 1:9, 32), which humans—God's magnum opus—are to care for, develop, and enjoy (Gen 1:28; 2:15). Sin is an alien intruder, a parasite that sucks the life out of and distorts God's intention for his world. Nevertheless, God has not given up on us and is passionately committed to redeeming all he has made. As one author put it, "God didn’t make junk, and He doesn’t junk what He made!"